Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Monday, July 02, 2012

"you still have a blog!"

As Tyler reminded me over the weekend, this Blog still exists! Wow, in the Twitter and Facebook worlde we live in, tend to forget about other ways to communicate.

Last post was August, so briefly here is the family update.
  • Angela is fully recovered from her Cancer and doing well. Keeping her hair short since many people (including me) like it. Getting ready to start traveling with me, since she now can work from anywhere from her new laptop.
  • Tyler got a new Assistant Principal position starting soon, Rachel will be teaching 4th Grade this fall, not kindergarten. and Both will be going on a mission trip in 2 weeks
  • Brandon leads the #1 Best Buy Mobile department in the company, Julie doing well and continues to travel a lot for job. Tyson and Brewer (grand-dogs) came for a visit this weekend
  • Corey dislocated his right index finger over the weekend, he was in the ER about 12 hours total spread over 3 hospitals on Saturday night into Sunday morning. Olivia and Corey both start school at Univ of Cinncinnatti in August. House will be very quiet when they leave.
  • I continue  to be a "super commuter" and travel to Denver or Utah every week. This project is coming to an end, so not sure where next project will be located, but thankful for this great job.
That's all for now, will try to update more frequently. Thanks, Jeff

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Angela update

For those that do not have Facebook, I wanted give you an update on Angela.

Her surgery went fine, they removed a golf ball size tumor, but got all the cancer. The Doctor has ordered Chemo (6 treatments, 1 every 3 weeks) followed by radiation treatments (not sure how many) as a precaution only, which is a blessing.

Tuesday night we had a Prayer "Flash Mob" at our house! Between 30 and 40 women showed up to pray and encourage Angela before her chemo, it worked for both of us. We are very blessed to have such a great church family! We feel the prayers everyday.

After a day and half of testing, Angela had her first chemo treatment today. It went better then she expected, tired but not sick. A friend who has gone through a similar cancer brought us dinner and has been a big encouragement to us.

so keep on praying, thanks for the cards, calls, text and facebook messages, and visits, it has been a blessing to us to know others genuinely care for us.

Here is Angela's new short haircut

Thursday, July 07, 2011

My Arabic Name

Names were written in the following order: first name, followed by the father’s name, then grandfather, then family name and last, the tribe’s name. Thus, my name tells people that I am Jeffrey, son of Carl, son of Hobart of the family Salyer.

The Arabic word bin means “son of” and the prefix al before the tribal name means “people of.”

In other words my arabic name is:

"Jeffrey bin Carl bin Hobart al Salyer"

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Winding Down and Heading Home

Our project is ahead of schedule and so I get to come home early!
I will be home this Friday July 8th. The bad news that I will be unemployed again! This was only a contract job for 11 weeks. Celerant is interested in hiring me full time according to the VP of Celerant for Qatar, but nothing official yet. I also had a 2nd interview with Nationwide Insurance while I was home a couple of weeks ago. They were supposed to let me know last week if they interested in talking further, but I did not hear anything yet.

I know God is in control of my life. He provided a job when I needed one, in a place I had never heard of, doing something I always wanted to do. In addition, I was home with my Dad when his brother passed away, and will be home when Angela has her surgery. Skype has allowed Angela and I to see each other almost everyday, which has made the time pass so fast.

I have really been blessed to see this part of the world. It is an interesting place as all the pictures show. I can’t wait to everyone again, I have missed a lot of family things while gone, but there will be many more events this year, most notably the big wedding in October. I get the privilege of marrying Brandon and Julie this fall. That is one event I will not miss!! That’s all for now, hope you missed me as well! (If you didn’t, don’t tell me, LOL)

“I know who holds the future and I know who holds my hand!”


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Starting Phase 2 of Jeff’s Middle East Adventure


Well I am back in Qatar to complete my contract with Celerant Consulting. Qatar is just like I left it, when I got off the plane at 7 PM it was 102 degrees and windy. My apartment was covered in dust on the inside since the doors and windows do not seal very well. Spent about the 1st hour just cleaning up before unpacking.

Have a little bit of cough and sneezing, think it is mostly from the dust in the air. But generally feeling fine. Got over the jet lag in about 3 days. I was supposed to come back last Friday, but flight was canceled in DC, before I left, so got to spend another day at home. The bad part was that I arrived Saturday in Qatar and had to work Sunday (remember their workweek is Sunday through Thursday).

Miss Angela and home, but Skype really helps, would not know how to survive without it. Skyped with Brandon and Julie, Tyler and Rachel on Father’s Day, Corey chose the Twitter route to be different. It was good to talk to them. Somehow the Father’s Day presents didn’t arrive in Qatar but sure they will be waiting when I get home. LOL

That’s all for now, keep Angela in your prayers for her upcoming surgery. Also pray for my Uncle Henry’s family who passed away while I was home. Give the family the strength to get through it and draw closer to God as result.